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San Diego Science Educators Association

The San Diego Science Educators Association is a professional organization supporting all science educators. Our mission is to promote science literacy and advocate for science education by promoting professionalism, leadership, and community outreach.

Attention high school science teachers! Register and spread the word about this free upcoming day-long workshop at San Diego State on August 12.

Check the flyer for more details and the link to RSVP by July 29:                http://bit.ly/sciedu2

This workshop will focus on taking science teachers through an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines science and journalism approaches to help build students' creative thinking, communication/writing skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills through specific lesson plans that meet the latest NGSS standards (examples of the lesson plans include storytelling with science, engineering a sensor, measurements and data, etc.).

Dr. Amy Schmitz Weiss and her colleague Kevin Robinson built this curriculum based on work from a national grant they received. Teachers who attend will receive a curriculum packet along with some digital resources. Paperwork needed for teachers to get professional development credit from their high schools will be provided, as well. Refreshments and food will be provided for the workshop.

The RSVP deadline is July 29 so we can make sure we have the catering, parking, etc, set up for attendees.

Dr. Amy Schmitz Weiss
Associate Professor of Journalism
School of Journalism and Media Studies | San Diego State University
JMS Graduate Adviser
Journalism Area Coordinator

Spatial Journalism Newsletter: Check out the past issues and subscribe.

SDSEA Annual Awards for Excellence in Science Education

2018 - 2019

Middle School Award

Marilyn Reed, Nazareth School

Middle School Award

June Poling  St. Michael's School

High School Award

Hima Joshi,  Francis Parker High School

                        Community Science Award       University Science Award

                                   BD Corporation                                                      Dr. Matt Edwards, San Diego State University

                              Mr. Rob Sobie  Worldwide Vice President and General Manager

                              of  BD Pyxis Supply Solutions, and Dr. Erika Pollner, Associate

                              Director Enterprise PMO

SDSEA Science Fair Award For Best Science Done With Simple Materials

Each year the San Diego Science Educators Association awards students at the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair who do solid science using simple materials, often of their own construction. SDSEA recognizes that San Diego is a research rich area, and that many students have access to sophisticated lab facilities to carryout their projects. This award recognizes those students who use simple materials and innovation in their research.

Jessica McWilliams, grade 8, Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Teacher Advisor - Mrs. Erin Shumacher

Use of sensors  and computer components and programming to create a vehicle crash avoidance system.

Madeline Manriquez,  grade 7,  Nazareth School

Teacher Advisor - Marilyn Reed

A study of factors affecting beach erosion done with a wave generator.

SDSEA Scholarship Opportunities

The scholarships described below are available to SDSEA members to help make professional development more affordable.

Please download the appropriate application and submit it via e-mail as instructed on the form.

Robert A. Dean Memorial Leadership Development Scholarship


The late Dr. Robert A. Dean fostered science education leadership in many ways during his career. While Science Coordinator at the San Diego County Office of Education he helped found the Greater San Diego Science Teachers Association (GSDSTA). That organization later became the San Diego Science Educators Association (SDSEA).

He was also instrumental in the formation of the San Diego Computer Using Educators (SDCUE) and the Southern California Association of Science Supervisors (SCASS). Nationally, he served as President of the National Science Supervisors Association (NSSA) which is now know as the National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA).

After the County Office of Education, working with his wife, Melanie Dean, at UCSD, they provided many years of science education summer academies, training hundreds of local teachers in the life, earth and physical sciences.

Bob also personally mentored many individuals, encouraging them to fulfill their leadership potential in science education.

In the spirit of Bob's enthusiastic support for quality science leadership, SDSEA offers our Science Leadership Development Scholarship. Download an application for the Robert A. Dean Science Leadership Development Scholarship here:

Robert A. Dean Memorial Science Leadership Development Scholarship Application    

Vance Mills Conference Attendance Scholarship


Vance Mills was the Director of the Mathematics and Science Curriculum office for the San Diego Unified School District, during the 1980s and 90s.  In this capacity he promoted professional development of San Diego Unified  teachers by fostering science and math conference attendance to provide motivation and self-selected improvement opportunities. As a recognized leader in math and science education, his provision of funding for conference registration and support for substitute teachers enabled many hundreds of teachers to attend conferences and broaden their knowledge base in both science and mathematics.

In the spirit of his unequaled support for individualized pedagogical advancement, SDSEA offers our Conference Attendance Scholarship. Download an application for the Vance Mills Conference Attendance Scholarship here:

Vance Mills Scholarship Application

SDSEA Activities

Behind The Scenes Field Trips                     Guest Dinner Speakers


To contact SDSEA please email our web site caretaker

Chuck Abel, SDSEA Vice President

About SDSEA and its history

The San Diego Science Educators Association is a professional organization supporting science educator

Our mission is to promote science literacy and advocate for science education by promoting professionalism, leadership, and community outreach. The Board of Directors consists of all volunteer science educators, informal educators, and community members.

SDSEA History

The San Diego Science Educators Association came into being in the fall of 1986. It was the successor to the Greater San Diego Science Teachers Association, which had been active since the 1960's. The first meeting was called by Dr. Robert Dean, Science Curriculum Coordinator for the San Diego County Office of Education, who brought together science educators from throughout San Diego County to provide support for science education.

This group quickly set out to become the main sponsor of a nascent county-wide conference which was begun in 1984 by Dr. Fran Slowizcek, a science resource teacher with the County Office of Education. With the help of Dr. Vance Mills at San Diego City Schools, and other district coordinators, attendance during the next 10 years at the SDSEA Conference grew from 200 to nearly 3000 attendees. Since then the SDSEA has sponsored a conference every year when the National Science Teachers Association was not holding a conference of its own within 200 miles.

SDSEA seeks to honor excellence in our profession. To help accomplish this, SDSEA has held a yearly recognition dinner meeting, since 1985, to give awards for excellence in science education. SDSEA sponsors Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Teachers. SDSEA also recognizes outstanding efforts in the areas of informal science; and university level science with similar awards, granted each year in those categories. Finally, SDSEA recognizes science fair students and their advising teachers with awards for best science fair research done with simple materials.

To further our mission of improving science education, the SDSEA sponsors scholarships for member teachers who need monetary assistance to attend conferences or workshops. Another member service of SDSEA has been to arrange field trips to science related businesses and facilities to help teachers gain background knowledge, and have a good time in the process. We sponsored a field trip to Palm Springs for a behind the scenes tour of the wind farms near town, rode the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, to learn about biomes, and had a behind the scenes tour of the Living Desert Museum. We sponsored a "science of wine" trip to Temecula, with a behind the scenes meeting with a former industrial chemist who is now an oenologist (wine maker). Additionally we've had wildlife biologist guided kayak trips in Mission Bay and a hike up Volcan Mountain. We supported the San Diego March for Science as a way to raise overall community awareness of the need for scientifically informed government policies. We also advocate for science education at all levels.

The SDSEA is, and remains, THE professional science education organization in San Diego County, funded by membership support. SDSEA is affiliated with the California Science Teachers Association and the National Science Teachers Association. We invite you to join us in promoting excellence in science education!

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 710594
San Diego, CA   92171-0594

Executive Board

  • President:  Steve Rodecker
  • Vice-President:  Chuck Abel
  • Secretary: Carol Radford
  • Treasurer:  Barbara Ritchie

Other Contacts

  • Website:  Chuck Abel


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