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The San Diego Science Educators Association is a professional organization supporting science educators. Our mission is to promote science literacy and advocate for science education by promoting professionalism, leadership, and community outreach.

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24th Annual Conference 

Be a session presenter by applying at this link… Speaker/Presenter proposal deadline is January 7, 2015.

Conference Presenter Application

The primary presenter of a session attends the conference free of charge. Any co-presenters will need to register at regular rates to attend.

Conference Exhibitor Application

(commercial or non-profit)

Register to attend
(San Diego City Schools
 Register through your district office)

NGSS and Common Core

Awareness and Planning Tips

Expert Featured Speakers

Practical Ideas

STEM Strands

Model Lessons

Hands On Workshops

Exhibitors and Door Prizes

80 + sessions to choose from

Saturday, February 28, 2015

8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Grossmont College


Dinner Speaker Series

SDSEA, is always at work to bring its members interesting and informative activities to expand  their professional and personal knowledge.
Our "Dinner With An Expert"  series of  presentations by local scientists, engineers and professionals has been very successful. The talks include multimedia presentations and time for questions and answers. Here is what we've presented so far:

"The Largest Whale Fall Known To Science -
Disposing Of A Dead Fin Whale From The Shores Of San Diego"
necropsy study, and disposal
with the assistance of Virgin Oceanic
Presented by Mr. Eddie Kisfaludy

"The Life and Death of Marine Mammals"
a long-term surface and seafloor postmortem study done for a National Geographic special
Presented by Mr. Eddie Kisfaludy

"What's Up With Those Bees?"
honey bee decline and Dr. Nieh's research on how fungus infections affect honey bee larvae
Presented by Dr. James Nieh, UCSD

"Rainforest Conservation and Ecotourism in Costa Rica"
how conservation of Costa Rica's
flora and fauna has shaped the nation
Presented by Jheudy Carballo

Future Speaker Presentations
There is a blank spot here because we're looking for your suggestions for other interesting speakers. The format is informal, with a high interest science/technology topic, 30-40 minute presentation with some Q & A after (multimedia presentation equipment is available); and someone who wants to share with educators without expecting a big stipend (we are happy to buy their dinner, but we're doing this on a shoestring to keep it free for attendees).

Please contact us with your suggestions
( for this every 6 weeks, or so, presentation. It'll be a great time to connect with others (face to face social networking) enjoy a good meal, and generally enrich your life. All presentations will be held at:

Randy Jones All American Sports Grill
7510 Hazard Center Drive, Suite 215
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 296-9600


2013 Excellence in Science Education Award Winners

Honored at the

SDSEA Annual Banquet

June 5, 2013 at the Bahia Resort Hotel on Mission Bay, SDSEA held its annual awards banquet to honor excellence across the spectrum of science education. Congratulations to this years winners:

High School
Dena Rosenberger, El Capitan High School - Dena has already received multiple awards for her teaching, research, scientific publications, and service to students and colleagues. SDSEA recognizes her active professionalism sharing research expedition experiences with students and other science teachers.

Middle School
Deborah DeLucia- 8th grade science @ Escondido Christian School - Deborah is highly active in leadership roles at her school, and runs a challenging classroom infused with technology tools. In addition she has multiple presentations to her credit through the iQuest project.

Elementary School
Sharon Fargason, Mary Lanyon Fay Elementary School - Sharon engages inner-city students daily in her classroom as a National Board Certified Teacher. She's also participated in the CRMSE Learning Progressions for Scientific Inquiry project at SDSU, serves as an adjunct professor, and is soon to be a published author on inquiry based science teaching in diverse classrooms.

Ivan Rosero and Robert Lecusay, UCSD Doctoral candidates - we honor their work in creating an urban agriculture program, using aquaponics, for Kearney High School students in conjunction with Jennifer Ogo, the AP Environmental Science teacher. Check this link, then click on the "KHS Aquaponics" video to see their work.

Cristina Park, EA - While not specifically a science educator, Cris has been the dedicated accountant and tax consultant to SDSEA for over 10 years. Her service has been outstanding, and we honor her part in keeping SDSEA financially alive and well.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Park Trefts Ph.D., UCSD - Dr. Trefts has worked for over a decade to provide science research and mentoring programs at UCSD for high school students from under-represented populations.

Greater San Diego Science
and Engineering Fair
 Student Winners
 of the SDSEA Award for
 "Best Science Done
 Using Simple Materials"

Isaac Izaguirre - Sweetwater High School, grade 11, for his project titled "Which Buildings Wiggle More During Earthquakes?", Teacher/Advisor Ms. Maureen Rymer

Christian Blanco - Muir Middle School, grade 8, for his project titled " Prop it up! Static Thrust of Small Aircraft Propellers", Teacher/Advisor Mr. Vincent Stevens

Geneva Pfeifer
- Nazareth School, grade 7, for her project titled "Does Feeding Chickens Egg Shells Make Their Eggs Stronger?", Teacher/Advisor Ms. Marilyn Reed

BOLD Project

Student Winners

Before the BOLD Project had a name (see the article below), the investigators conducted a contest among students to provide a logo, and a slogan for the project. They also offered the opportunity to create a student produced video about the project, for inclusion on their web site.

The winners of each of these competitions were given their awards at the SDSEA Awards Banquet. 

Winner of  $100 for the slogan contest, "Be an Organ Life Donor" was Emily Dinnerman.

Winner of $100 for the logo contest, with the logo showing one figure giving a kidney to the other figure was Cailin Liu.

The video production team, who's video is now on line at the BOLD Project site consists of Adam Hersko-Ronatas, Benjamin Leibowitz, and Matthew Twohig.

Congratulations to each of them!

2015 Science Trek

The Next Generation Conference

Session Sampler

The sessions shown below are scheduled for the February 28 Conference. In addition to these, John Spiegel, Science Coordinator at the San Diego County Office of Education, will be giving a timely update on NGSS plans statewide and locally. An environmental strand, with practical ideas for NGSS is in the works, as are many other sessions across all grade levels K - 12. Watch this space for many more titles and descriptions in the weeks to come:

NGSS 101: An Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards

Become aware of the National Research Council’s A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the development, intent and design of the Next Generation Science Standards adopted by California.  Learn how to read the architecture of the NGSS and example key components. 

NGSS 102: Exploring the Instructional Shifts of the Next Generation Science Standards

Delve deeper into the intent and design of NGSS and some of its supporting appendices, analyze key instructional shifts and reflect on how to adapt available resources to assist in planning for instructional changes. 

NGSS Performance Expectations

Understand the shift in the NGSS from content knowledge to a focus on performance expectations.  Analyze a learning progression for success during classroom formative assessments or district benchmark assessments of the PE.

Understanding the NGSS Middle Grades Learning Progressions

Explore the State Board of Education’s preferred integrated standards for middle school and the alternative discipline specific model.  Discuss possible implementation strategies for the integrated model. 

Linking NGSS and CCSS

Learn how to use the Science Literacy Professional Learning Module as a resource to help K-12 teachers better understanding how literacy (speaking, listening, writing and reading) deepen student understanding of science.


Job Opening
Director of Education

Elementary Institute of Science

EIS Background

The Elementary Institute of Science (EIS) is a nonprofit that has been providing engaging, hands-on science enrichment programs for students, ages 6 to 18, for the past 50 years. Our mission is to give children of all backgrounds opportunities to build a bright future by stimulating an understanding of science and technology. Located near the corner of Market and Euclid, our after school, weekend, and summer programs are a nationally respected model of STEM education, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Qualifications for the Director of Education Position

The ideal candidate for the Director of Education will have experience providing classroom instruction and supervising staff in a school or after school student enrichment program. Competitive candidates will have a teaching credential or a science background and Spanish language proficiency is a plus.

Director of Education Job Description

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director of Education’s key responsibility is to develop, oversee and evaluate STEM enrichment instruction for our students. The Director of Education recruits, trains and supervises instructors most of whom are graduate students or upper division undergraduate students with a STEM related degree or academic major. Additional responsibilities include cultivating relationships with local schools and other community organizations to recruit students and develop new programs. This position also maintains relationships with corporations, museums and individuals who provide STEM enrichment presentations and instructional resources.


Direct and shape curricula and teaching program

Recruit, hire, train and supervise teaching staff

Evaluate teacher performance and provide guidance for staff development

Ensure student safety and oversee applicable regulatory compliance

Ensure teaching staff is trained and complies with appropriate teacher-student interaction and supervision norms

Research and secure curricula enrichment resources such as field trips, visiting lecturers and demonstrations

Oversee proper use of educational equipment, classrooms and materials

Develop and maintain budget and prioritize expenditures for instructional staff, educational materials, supplies and field trip expenses

Conduct regular outreach presentations in schools and community based organizations to recruit new students and build awareness of EIS

Foster collaborative relationships with school administrators, other nonprofits and local universities’ education departments

Seek out partnerships with businesses, museums and other nonprofits to enhance the educational program and bring in additional educational resources and support

Document educational accomplishments and units of service, design and implement program evaluations

Where applicable, design program curricula to comply with local, state and national standards such as California’s Common Core Curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards

With the help of EIS’ Administrative Director:

Publicize EIS programs to promote enrollment in target community

Develop, implement and oversee efficient electronic student registration and enrollment processes

Maintain regular communications with parents

Supervise and train Office Manager (reception/administrative staff) in Education Department tasks

With the help of Director of Development:

Design and implement new programs for the purpose of reaching more students and increasing revenues by both grant funding and fees for service

Supervise Program Administrator in performing the following tasks related to the Education Department:

Student registration and billing

Communications with parents

Supervision of student arrivals and pick up, and assist in student supervision

Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or Board of Directors

How to Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to Brandon Harrison:

Mailing address:

Director of Education Search Committee

Elementary Institute of Science

608 51st Street

San Diego, CA 92114

We will be accepting applications until the end of January but hope to begin interviews by the second week of January.


Science Conference
Over 500 science educators joined us in exploring Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards at "Science Trek - The Next Generation" Science Conference, March 1. Attendees experienced an amazing array of more that 80 excellent presentations, practical ideas, new resources, strategies, and model lessons. So many people commented on the energy and networking that are part of conference attendance, and how that enhanced their learning.

Thank you
Thank you to so many who volunteered, making this conference possible. If you are interested in a volunteer leadership opportunity, helping to shape science education professionalism, please contact SDSEA.
Thank you, as well, to our helpful co-sponsors for their support.

SDSEA Conference Co-Sponsors
San Diego Unified School District
San Diego County Office of Education
San Diego Science Alliance
Grossmont College

Thank You Conference Exhibitors
Exhibitors are an important part of any conference. Their financial support is essential for providing all the other facets of the conference.  The expertise provided by exhibitors is even more value to teachers with instructional problems to solve.

Stay in contact with exhibitors you met at the conference by clicking on their name to be linked to their web site.

San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative (SDCaN)

California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC)

Acorn Naturalists

San Diego Archaeological Center

Achieve 3000

Robotis Inc.

Boojum Institute for Experiential Education

San Diego Computer Using Educators (SDCUE)

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

San Diego Maker Faire

SCI Foundation - American Wilderness Leadership School

Coastal Studies For Girls

Living Coast Discovery Center

San Diego Zoo Global

San Diego Natural History Museum

U.S. Geological Survey California Water Science

San Diego County Office of Education Outdoor Education

San Diego Science Educators Association (SDSEA)


National Park Service - Cabrillo National Monument

San Diego Super Computer Center at UCSD

First Investors Inc.

California State Parks PORTS Program


UCLA Biomedical Library - National Library of Medicine

Lockheed Martin

California Science Teachers Association (CSTA)

Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair (GSDSEF)

 CPO Science and Frey Scientific

Delta Education

Werkz Publishing

LEGOLAND California

Life Sciences Summer Institute

Sea World San Diego Education/Conservation Programs

National Geographic Learning - Cengage Learning

Klein Educational Systems

San Diego Coastkeeper

Project SWELL


Robert A. Dean
Memorial Scholarship

Bob Dean was an inspiring leader in science education for decades both locally and nationally.  As Science Coordinator at the San Diego County Office of Education, he founded the Greater San Diego Science Teachers Association, which later became SDSEA.  He also helped found the San Diego Computer Using Educators Association (SDCUE). In addition he established the Southern California Association of Science Supervisors (SCASS) and was president of the National Science Supervisors Association, later to become NSELA.  After "retiring" from the County Office of Education, he and his wife Melanie wrote, received, and coordinated many NSF grants for summer science teacher training academies at UCSD.

Bob's impact on science education in our area and beyond was amazing.  He constantly sought to bring out the best in everyone around him, and tirelessly encouraging others to pursue their dreams.  In this spirit, SDSEA is announcing a science leadership scholarship fund in his memory. Details are available by clicking the "Scholarships" link at the left.


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